A seductive landscape for the adventurous...

If Côte-Nord (Manicouagan & Duplessis) did not exist, we’d have to invent this extraordinary landscape that’s as big as nature itself. Open your eyes wide, because this is much more than a region of dams and mines – it’s a veritable panoply of natural beauties.

A treasure trove of fauna, flora, islands, beaches and forests, Côte-Nord (Manicouagan & Duplessis) is a place to explore on foot, by sea kayak and by cruise ship. The coastal towns and villages dotted along the Route des Baleines along the St. Lawrence River just beg you to stop. To get an idea of the grandiose scale of Côte-Nord (Manicouagan & Duplessis), go as far as Natashquan, where Quebec’s road network ends, and you’ll feel as if you’ve reached the edge of the world.

But the magnificent landscapes don’t end there. Continue by sea, or by snowmobile to the picturesque Basse-Côte-Nord. Now you can really start to daydream! Add to these riches the Mingan Archipelago, Anticosti Island, and Côte-Nord (Manicouagan & Duplessis) is one of the five best locations in the world to observe whales.

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